Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yesterday I had work.  I like working, because it gets me out of the house for something other than dialysis, and makes me feel more like a real human, rather than just some lump of goo that doesn't really do much of anything.

I am on Social Security Disability, because I have ESRD - End Stage Renal Disease.  I don't go to work so that I can get more money and cheat the system.  I am allowed to work part time, but not make too much money.  So I work extremely part time at Old Navy.  Like I said, I work to get out of the house and not for money, so I told the supervisors at work to only have me work if they needed me and to give the "real" employees the hours they needed first.  I don't want to take away hours from a person who needs to work for the money.

I work in the fitting room, putting back the clothes that people try on.  This is mostly because I work so infrequently that I have to change my password for the register EVERY time I work, and it is just easier for me to be in the fitting room.  The way we put the clothes on the hangers almost never changes, hehe.  I have fun working with the other employees, and probably meet a new one every time I go to work.  I end working only once or twice a month.  I am the one usually asked, "Are you new here?", when I have worked there about a year now!

But I enjoy having to get dressed in something other than my relaxing clothes and go outside and interact with people other than my family.  It is important to my sanity.  I love my family very much and I love being around them.  But I also like to see what is going on with people who aren't so much like me, and I like to see the kids that come to Old Navy too.  Well, most of them anyway.  All of this reminds me that there is a life beyond dialysis and waiting on a kidney transplant list.  Someday I will live my life more like those people that I see.  I will be able to be a little more carefree and hopefully be able to enjoy working a full time job once again.

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